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Top 5 Tips for Christmas

Christmas is one of those times of the year where routine goes out of the window and we tend to make changes to our habits, especially with regards to diet. There’s no reason that your stoma should stop you from being able to enjoy Christmas to its fullest, but you may have to make some…

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What to wear this New Year’s Eve? 4 fashion tips for men with ostomy bags

The New Year is fast approaching and like many, you’re probably trying to decide what to wear for the big occasion. Of course, for those with an ostomy bag, this has extra issues, mainly comfort and visibility. You may be trying to reduce the outline of your bag with your outfit, but we would always…

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What to wear this New Year’s Eve? 4 fashion tips for women with ostomy bags

As the New Year fast approaches, many will be already deciding on their outfit for the night, something which those with ileostomy or colostomy bags may dread! We want to preface this article by saying that you should absolutely wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and try not to worry so much about trying to…

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Living with a hidden disability, you’re not alone! Read Natalie’s story and help her to make a change.

An article on the BBC website caught our eye recently, the story of Natalie Toper from London who was told: “have a stoma and live or don’t have one and die”. It’s a story that we have heard before, and one that many of our customers have lived through. What’s great about the story is…

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Stoma surgery recovery timeline – How long will my recovery take?

Please note: always consult with your healthcare professional for more detailed recovery information that takes your personal situation into account. The advice contained in this blog is only intended to provide a general outline of the average recovery times. If you’re waiting for stoma surgery you might be wondering how long it will take to…

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Be Prepared During the Festive Period

Christmas is fast approaching, a busy time for most and it’s important for those with a stoma to ensure they’re fully prepared. Our advice to make the most of the festive period would be to get organised before December rolls around! Here are a few things to consider: Supplies, do you have enough? Don’t find…

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