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What to wear this New Year’s Eve? 4 fashion tips for men with ostomy bags

The New Year is fast approaching and like many, you’re probably trying to decide what to wear for the big occasion. Of course, for those with an ostomy bag, this has extra issues, mainly comfort and visibility. You may be trying to reduce the outline of your bag with your outfit, but we would always encourage those with a stoma to not worry too much, the chances are you’re a lot more conscious of it than anybody else would be.

However, here are some simple fashion tips that can help to reduce visibility and increase comfort:

#1 – Belts can be an issue, here’s how to get around that…

Depending on whether you’re looking for a formal or informal attire, the chances are your outfit will warrant a belt. This all depends on the placement of your stoma, but for many this is right across the beltline, which can become uncomfortable and not at all practical.

There are two ways you could potentially avoid this. The first is to choose a pair of pants with a higher waistline, which may allow your bag to sit comfortably underneath. The second is to use an alternative; suspenders, for example, are a much more comfortable option and they’re in fashion at the moment, just look at the guys from Peaky Blinders!

#2 – Dark colours and vertical strips can help to reduce visibility

It’s long since been known that darker colours, such as black and navy blue, have a slimming effect and so do vertical stripes. They also have the potential to reduce the visibility of your bag through your clothes and help to hide any bulges throughout the night. A smart dark shirt with some vertical stripes could be just the ticket!

#3 – Use a jumper to add some support and an extra layer

Unless you’re bringing in the New Year down under, chances are it’s going to be cold so this option has the added bonus of keeping you warm. A knitwear jumper over the top of a shirt is a classic look that never goes out of style and there’s very little chance of your bag becoming visible. Shirt tucked or untucked? Well, that depends on how formal you’re trying to be, but either should be fine as long as you’re comfortable.

#4 – Going formal? You can’t go wrong with a traditional suit!

If your New Year’s evening warrants a formal dress code then you’re in luck, because a suit has many advantages for a man with a stoma. The jacket will help you to conceal your appliance, and you can also choose a three-piece option so you can lose the jacket and take on a more relaxed, formal look. You can also combine a suit with either the high waisted pant option or the suspenders if you need some strategic comfort!

All four of these tips can go a long way towards helping you choose functional and fashionable New Year’s attire, but as previously mentioned we would always encourage you to choose clothing that makes you feel good! Try not to worry too much about concealment, it’s much more important that you feel confident in what you wear and good about the way you look.

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