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Losing weight for people with bowel problems

Thinking about starting your weight loss journey? If you have bowel problems, it can seem daunting. To help, we’ve come up with some help and advice to get you started on overhauling your lifestyle. From diet tips to exercise advice, it’s good to have a plan ahead when you have issues with your bowels. It’s…

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Halloween and sugar – should ostomates be afraid?

As all ostomates will know, diet can be the most difficult thing about having a stoma. It’s important to know how certain foods and drinks affect your body and your stoma. Of course, Halloween is one such time of year when sugar seems to become one of the main food groups. For parents who have…

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Alcohol and Stomas Advice – Is it okay to drink alcohol with a stoma?

If you’re new to having a stoma, or maybe waiting for surgery, you might well wonder whether it’s okay to drink alcohol still. It’s a very valid question and the good news is that unless told otherwise by your healthcare professional you can still enjoy an occasional drink, although you may have to modify the…

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The GoldCare Guide to Nutrition for Stoma Care

When recovering from an operation, people with a stoma are often left wondering how it will affect their diet. We’re happy to say that most people successfully return to their normal diet fairly soon, however, this will vary from person to person. The key concern is to prevent any potential blockages and foods which can…

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Categories: Care Advice, Food and Drink By: Diane Sheard

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