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What to wear this New Year’s Eve? 4 fashion tips for women with ostomy bags

As the New Year fast approaches, many will be already deciding on their outfit for the night, something which those with ileostomy or colostomy bags may dread!

We want to preface this article by saying that you should absolutely wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and try not to worry so much about trying to hide your ostomy bag. However, we know for many this is a real concern and there are a few things you can do to help:

Here are our top tips for dressing this NYE:

#1 – Don’t hide your figure

In your efforts to disguise your bag you may not even notice that in the process you have also hidden your figure after opting for something baggy. Try not to worry too much about the outline of your bag showing, it’s much better than looking as though you’re hidden under a pile of blankets.

#2 – Try clothing with frills, patterns or other features

Baggy clothes aren’t the only way to disguise an ostomy bag, sometimes some subtle frills, a nice pattern or other embellishments on a dress or top can do a great job of camouflaging your bag. Tops that taper out towards the waist are another option that can give you the extra freedom and comfort you require.

#3 – High waistlines

High-waisted garments are in fashion at the moment and they can avoid resting uncomfortably on your stoma. Combined with a top that flicks out or even tucked in can do a great job of hiding your ostomy outline. These can also give you that added support you need to see you through an evening of dancing.

#4 – Choose dark colours

It’s widely known that dark colours have a slimming effect, which can also work for hiding the visibility of your ostomy bags bulge. If you’re concerned and want to hide your bag as much as possible then blacks and navy blues can work a treat.

These 4 tips can go a long way to reducing the visibility and increasing the support of your stoma. However, one thing we would urge is to try not to care too much if you love an outfit but it shows the outline subtly. The chances are that it’s so much more noticeable to you than anybody else! Don’t end up wearing something you hate in the pursuit of reducing visibility, you should be able to wear exactly what you want with confidence.

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