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Be Prepared During the Festive Period

Christmas is fast approaching, a busy time for most and it’s important for those with a stoma to ensure they’re fully prepared. Our advice to make the most of the festive period would be to get organised before December rolls around! Here are a few things to consider:

Supplies, do you have enough?

Don’t find yourself caught short during the festive period. With many practices, nurses and delivery services operating reduced hours it’s always a good idea to obtain plenty of supplies beforehand. Remember, it’s better to have too much than not enough. You may also find that you use more supplies than usual during the festivities! There is always the risk that snowfall and adverse weather will slow down or delay deliveries too.

Are you going away?

Like many, you might be planning on going away through the festive period to visit family or maybe even escape the cold and heading to warmer climes. If this is the case, you should again consider the amount of supplies you might need to see you safely through to New Year. Additionally, you might want to talk to your stoma nurse and obtain a travel certificate and research medical facilities nearby should you require any attention during your break.

Planning days out or long car journeys?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s incredibly important to make sure you take enough supplies with you for days out and car journeys. Plan for the worst to avoid being caught short, there could be severe traffic jams or bad weather might unexpectedly extend your stay. It can also be a smart idea to carry a spare set of clothes incase there are any leakages whilst you’re away from home.

We would also recommend that you take your radar key wherever you go to ensure you have access to disabled toilets throughout the UK should you need them. Goldcare users will have been given a complimentary radar key with their orders, but you can also obtain them from your stoma care nurse or healthcare provider.

Food and drink

The festive season is well known for being a time that you might indulge in food and drink, which can affect those with a stoma in different ways. For one thing, an increased intake in food and drink will usually mean you use more supplies than normal. If you plan to have an alcoholic drink then you might need to plan for that too, read our advice on drinking alcohol with a stoma here.

Beware of the food and drink that can cause adverse effects over Christmas, such as carbonated drinks that can lead to ballooning or foods that typically causes blockages.

There’s no reason that people with a stoma can’t enjoy the festive period like everybody else, it’s simply a case of being well prepared for any eventuality!

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