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World Toilet Day 2018 – Goodbye toilet tax, hello improved disabled facilities?

World Toilet Day might seem like one of the more out there days of the year, but it actually spreads a very important message about sanitation and the condition of public facilities worldwide.

In the UK alone, a massive 40% of public toilets have been closed over the last decade. Many more have fallen into disrepair and aren’t even fit for purpose. All of this has a direct impact on those with disabilities who rely on public facilities, especially ostomates who require somewhere clean and private to change their bag. Not to mention, a lack of public toilets has a knock on impact on the cleanliness of streets and health of the population in general.

However, some recent news may give some hope that facilities across the nation may start to improve and reopen. It was recently announced that business rates are going to be cut for public toilets and facilities, which could save the local councils responsible for them up to £2 million every year. In theory, this money could well be reinvested into the facilities that have gone without for so long and help to improve disabled toilets across the country.

At present, ostomates very rarely have even the basic requirements to change their bag in a comfortable and hygienic manner. A hook to hang clothes on and a raised surface on which to organise supplies would go a long way as additions to disabled and public toilets. Of course, they would also be relatively inexpensive, certainly within the realms of possibility with £2 million.

The toilet tax has long since been blamed for the issues with public toilets, essentially ensuring that local authorities don’t have the funds to keep them properly maintained. Its removal is hopefully a significant step that will contribute to the betterment of public facilities, both for the disabled and the wider population of the UK!

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