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World Toilet Day 2017 – It’s time to stop the ‘tapoo’

At a glance, World Toilet Day might seem like one of the more unusual awareness days alongside ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ and ‘National Pie Day’ (yes, these are both 100% real.) However, unlike the latter two, World Toilet Day actually has a really important message to spread…

World Toilet Day is an international event aimed at challenging global sanitation and destigmatising toilets. Ask anyone with a stoma, a deal of time spent in public toilets is all part and parcel of life post-surgery and in many cases pre-surgery! Often the facilities aren’t up to standard, making it really hard to change a bag.

It’s estimated that 1 in 500 people in the UK live with a stoma, which makes it all the more shocking that many public restrooms still don’t have the basic provisions required. By provisions, at their most basic needs might include a hook on the door to hang clothes and a surface on which to organise the items that are needed to change a stoma bag.

A recent post shared on Facebook has gathered momentum and highlighted the needs of those with a stoma that is often overlooked:

The fear of not having adequate toilet facilities is enough to stop some people with stomas from leaving their home unnecessarily. It’s for this reason that on World Toilet Day we’re backing the ‘Stop the Tapoo’ campaign and encouraging businesses and public places to ensure that these two basic things are provided in disabled restrooms at the very least.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to enjoy a full and happy life, unhindered by any disability and these two small things could make a huge difference to those with a stoma.

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