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Tips for quickly changing your stoma bag on-the-go

If you’re heading away over the Easter break you might find yourself in a situation where time is of the essence and you need to change your bag quickly on the go. It can be a lengthy process, but there are a few things you can do to speed the process up. Whether you’re on a train, plane or any unfamiliar place, these tips can help you to cut down the time to change your bag.

#1 – Pack supplies logically

Before you travel, make sure you have everything you need conveniently stored and to hand so that you can quickly get the supplies you need out and packed away. Many people store their supplies in handy fold cases that ensures everything is neatly packed and easy to find. This way you can cut down on time fishing through your bag to try and find the right supplies.

Also, ensure you’ve always got wet and dry wipes readily available to help you clean and dry your stoma with ease. Speaking of wipes…

#2 – Use Easylease spray and wipes

Easylease in adhesive remover spray that can help you to remove your pouch and clean leftover residue. Although it’s recommended to use water whenever possible it’s handy supply to have as it’s often much quicker and perfectly fine to use in a pinch. Similarly, the wipes can help you to effectively clean and remove any residue quickly.

#3 – Plan ahead for suitable facilities

Although you might not always be able to, if it’s possible to scout out locations that would be suitable for changing your stoma bag during your travels it can really cut down on the time spent looking for an appropriate place. Research places with adequate disabled facilities beforehand to stay prepared.

Don’t forget, when you place your first order with GoldCare you will be sent a Radar Key that will give you access to disabled facilities around the UK. A little-added bonus that can really save some time when searching for a suitable place to change your bag.

#4 – Keep some Gel-X capsules handy

Gel-X capsules can be put into your pouch to absorb liquid and solidify the contents to reduce the chance of leaks, noise and odour. They also make it easier to remove a used pouch and reduce the chances of any leaks during the changing, thus saving you time. They’re available in capsule form, or alternatively tablet form (Gel-XT).

With a bit of practice, many ostomates can master the art of changing a stoma bag within mere minutes. If you’re new to your stoma, then don’t worry, it’s likely that as time passes you will become much more adept at changing your bag, reducing the time it takes considerably. However, we must stress not to rush the process too much, getting it wrong can cost more time than ensuring it’s fitted properly the first time around.  

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