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Sex advice for ostomates – here’s the answer to some questions you may have…

We recently came across a very brave article by a lady called Hannah Witton that outlines her experiences and tips on being intimate with a stoma bag, entitled ‘How sex changes when you have a stoma’. We know it’s something that stoma nurses are asked about regularly from patients of all ages and felt it would be something that we should share with our audience.

She outlines her experiences since having stoma surgery and answers some of the questions that may be too embarrassed to ask about. It’s a fantastic, no holds barred article that also provides some insightful tips that Hannah has used herself, including positions, smells and how to stop your stoma bag from flapping around.

Rather than summarise the article, we felt it would be best heard direct from the ostomates… keyboard. We hope you’ll find it useful and get the answers to some of the questions you might have had. You can read the article in full here:  

For further advice on life with a stoma, including sex and intimacy please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 592 786.

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