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Pancaking tips for ostomates

As it’s pancake day we thought we would take the opportunity to discuss the lesser discussed ‘pancaking’ that those with a stoma often experience. So if you came here expecting tips on how to create deliciously light and fluffy pancakes, we’re sorry but you’ve come to the wrong place.  

It’s not a pleasant topic of conversation, but it’s one we feel is necessary and we have a few tips for reducing the likelihood of it happening. ‘Pancaking’ is a word used to describe when stoma output (stool) stays on the top part of the pouch or collects around the stoma. This can often create leaks, be uncomfortable and be a nuisance at the very least.

Here are a few tips for avoiding pancaking:

#1 – Make sure you’re drinking plenty of liquids

Adding more fluids to your diet can help to soften stool and reduce the risk of pancaking. Some fruit juices, such as prune, apple or grape are known to help loosen stool and have been used for this purpose for years.

#2 – Increase your fibre intake

A simple dietary change might be all you need. Try to increase the amount of fibre you eat, which can prevent stool from becoming dry and hard. Whole grains and vegetables are both great ways to increase fibre.

#3 – Lubricate the inside of your pouch

Using a lubricating gel, or even a small amount of olive oil around the inside of the pouch can help to ensure that your stoma output is able to slide down without becoming stuck and creating a blockage.

#4 – Manually move pancaked stool

Sometimes the best way to deal with pancaking is to take the problem into your own hands and squeeze and push the stool to the bottom of the bag (through the bag itself, of course). This can reduce the chance of problems occurring later.

Pancaking is unfortunate fact of life for many ostomates, but by using these tips you may be able to minimise the chances of it occurring and in some cases stop it happening all together!

For further advice and guidance, please don’t hesitate to call the Oakmed Helpline on 0800 592786 and speak to one of our advisors.

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