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Make life simpler with the GoldCare delivery service

At GoldCare, we pride ourselves on providing an effortless service that benefits the lives of our customers in many ways. No matter your age or the stage of your stoma journey, we’re confident that using our delivered service can help to simplify and enhance your life by saving you the most important thing that we all have, time.

We’ve found that many different people can benefit from our delivered service. However, some groups that find it particularly useful are:


Parents who have children with a stoma, or a stoma themselves, for example, have incredibly busy lives. Rushing around day-to-day and remembering everything you need to do is a challenge in itself. A delivered service, such as ours, is just one less thing you need to remember, and one less chore you need to carry out!

Late teens to 30’s

Those in their late teens and young adults are another group that we commonly find really benefit from the delivered service. It’s this time in your life where you want to be free to enjoy yourself whilst you work on building a career, relationships and socialising with friends. With our efficient and discreet service, the convenience tends to be the main factor, with more time to enjoy being young!

Elderly or mobility impaired

Finally, the group we find get the most out of our delivered service are the elderly and mobility impaired. Our convenient, quick and efficient service completely negates the need to visit a chemist to pick up your prescription. Receive all of the supplies you need from the comfort of your own home and take advantage of our top class customer service via phone or email.

For more information on how you, in particular, could benefit from GoldCare’s delivered service, please call 0800 592 786 or email  

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Our home delivery service is free of charge, simple to use, efficient, discreet and completely stress free, so that you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

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