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Anal Plugs and Inserts for People with Accidental Bowel Leakage

Accidentally leaking stool (poo) from your anus can be an embarrassing problem and is more common than you might think. One in ten adults in the UK experience this issue, although it is thought that the numbers are much greater – embarrassment stops people coming forward for help.


If you are experiencing accidental bowel leakage, speak to your GP, who can refer you to a specialist bladder and bowel service. These nurses and physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced in supporting patients with such problems and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed talking to them about it! The main aim of any treatment will be to address the underlying cause of the leakage – prevention is better than cure after all!


However, there are anal plugs and inserts that can help control the leakage from your back passage. There are three different types available on NHS prescriptions and your healthcare professional will be able to show you a selection and arrange for you to be sent some samples. You can also take a look at the different products on our GoldCare Healthcare website here: ADD Link


Top Tips:

Anal plugs and inserts can take a little getting used to, but with perseverance they can be life changing, so its worth sticking with them.

  • All the products come in two sizes – regular and large. Try a different size on alternate days, so you can see which fits and suits you best
  • Read the instructions that come with the product carefully before use, as all of the products have slightly different insertion techniques
  • It can be quite daunting to try a plug for the first time. Remember to relax and take your time
  • Try inserting your first plug/insert when you are going to be at home, unhurried and can sit and relax with it in place
  • Whilst the plug/insert is in place, try and do something to take your mind away from it – watch a favourite TV programme, read a book or paint your nails!
  • Wear the plug/insert for a short time to start with and gradually increase the wear time as you feel comfortable
  • Plugs/inserts should not be flushed down the toilet – simply remove and dispose of in your normal household waste. Your home delivery company can provide you with discreet scented disposal bags

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