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The ostomists guide to long distance running

With the London Marathon taking place this month you quite often see more and more people donning heir running trainers and taking to the roads. This is great exercise and if you’re an ostomist that wants to get involved there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to. There are many people who have a stoma who enjoy active lives, it’s just a case of practice and preparation.

Empty your bag beforehand and take supplies

A lot of people let the fear of their bag filling up whilst running put them off, especially long distance running. Many people actually find that during exercise their stoma output is slowed, however, you’ll have to slowly test this for yourself. Either way, it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re starting your run with an empty bag. It’s also worth carrying some light essentials with you, such as wipes should you need to make an impromptu stop.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is important for any runner, but even more so for an ostomist who can become dehydrated much quicker. We would recommend you always carry water with you whilst running or have a plan in place for somewhere you can stop off to rehydrate during your run.

Start slowly and build

If you’re new to running, recently post-op or it’s been a while then you don’t want to start by attempting a marathon! Start slowly and cover a short distance at a comfortable pace and slowly build up your speed and distance over time to allow your body time to adjust. It can be dangerous to overexert yourself too soon.

Invest in the right clothing

You will find that some running gear is much more comfortable to run in than others. Ideally, you want something that will secure your pouch whilst allowing you the freedom you need to run. For ladies, this might be a high waisted pair of running pants and gents might prefer to use a t-shirt that’s comfortably fitted.

Use the correct products

There are many great stoma products out there, some are better for running in than others. Microskin, for example, is perfect for running due to its extremely thin and lightweight design, it’s almost weightless. It’s also five times more stretchable than human skin to provide that freedom you require to run effectively.

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