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Colostomy Day 2017 – Why we need to celebrate the #SuperStoma

Colostomy UK (formerly known as the Colostomy Association) is hosting Colostomy Day 2017 on Saturday 7th October and encouraging people to celebrate their #SuperStoma.

In a campaign that we at GoldCare are more than happy to support, Colostomy UK is inviting people to share their stoma story and help to get rid of the stigma that still exists today. Instead of thinking of them as a disadvantage it’s time to raise awareness and celebrate that fact that stoma surgery allows people to live full and normal lives.

Living with a stoma can be challenging, there’s no doubt about this. However, the reality is that people with stomas are able to work most jobs, have children, take part in sports of all kinds and much more, which is nothing short of amazing when you consider it. Stoma surgery not only saves lives, it improves the quality of life that would be experienced otherwise, whether it’s through a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.

As part of our support, we’re encouraging people to get involved and share their #SuperStoma story. Let’s give this lifesaving surgery the positive light that it deserves and let people know how grateful we are that it exists today! Not only that, but it’s important to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and educate people on what it’s like to live with a stoma.

You can also participate in Colostomy UK’s Thunderclap, a coordinated mass tweet on Colostomy Day! Simply sign up and allow them to post the one-off tweet on your account and help to get #SuperStoma trending far and wide.

For more information on Colostomy Day 2017 and how you can get involved, visit –  

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