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Cold weather considerations for ostomates

We’ve discussed the implications of having a stoma in hot weather before, but what about the cold? As we move into Winter, most ostomates will be glad to hear that colder weather is more ideal for ostomates and presents fewer problems. Ostomy appliances and supplies will typically perform better in colder climates, although ours are designed to provide maximum effectiveness in any temperature!

The only real thing to consider is the dry air that can affect the skin and result in flaking and irritation. Although dry skin is the best condition for applying the adhesive on a stoma bag, the irritation can become a painful nuisance over the course of a Winter.

How to combat irritation:

Purchase a humidifier

If you find that your skin is becoming too dry and irritated, you could maybe try purchasing a humidifier. However, we would caution to use it in moderation as excess moisture can cause adhesives to loosen (and potentially even cause mould in your home). A good rule of thumb is to stay within the 30-50% level of humidity, you can measure this with a hygrometer.

Moisturise regularly

It’s worth moisturising regularly to ensure the skin around your stoma doesn’t become irritated and sore. Of course, you need to be careful as it may compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive if the skin is overly moisturised. iLex can be the perfect solution to create a topical skin barrier to protect the skin.

Order extra supplies

Throughout Winter you can almost guarantee that we’ll experience extreme weather and potentially snow. This can affect your ability to head out to replenish your supplies or if you get your supplies delivered through a service, such as GoldCare, deliveries may be disrupted. It’s best to ensure you have a backup stock of supplies to prevent you from running out.  

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