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5 top tips to a productive 2019 for ostomates

It’s a new year. The opportunity to make a fresh start. It's a great time of year to take stock and become more organised than ever before. This way you can ensure that 2019 is even more productive! Of course, getting everything in order is never going to be an easy task. But, you know…

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Cold weather considerations for ostomates

We’ve discussed the implications of having a stoma in hot weather before, but what about the cold? As we move into Winter, most ostomates will be glad to hear that colder weather is more ideal for ostomates and presents fewer problems. Ostomy appliances and supplies will typically perform better in colder climates, although ours are…

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Make life simpler with the GoldCare delivery service

At GoldCare, we pride ourselves on providing an effortless service that benefits the lives of our customers in many ways. No matter your age or the stage of your stoma journey, we’re confident that using our delivered service can help to simplify and enhance your life by saving you the most important thing that we…

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Back to School – A daunting time for young ostomates?

Children across the UK are preparing to go back to school in the coming week, many for the first time. However, amongst the photos of children in their brand new uniforms there will be a small minority of children who are going to school with more than just books in their bags. School is tough…

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Could a cat’s purr help a person to heal?

There’s an old veterinary adage that says, “if you put a cat and bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal”. Well, the 8th August marks International Cat Day, so we did some research to find out about the potential healing power of a cats purr. As crazy as it might…

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Wedding dress woes – tips for ostomate brides

Wedding season has arrived, and as we all know there is one wedding that everyone is talking about. We are, of course, talking about the Royal wedding between  Harry and Meghan Markle, which takes place on the 19th May at Windsor Castle.   One common problem for blushing brides to be who have a stoma is…

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