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World Toilet Day 2017 – It’s time to stop the ‘tapoo’

At a glance, World Toilet Day might seem like one of the more unusual awareness days alongside ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ and ‘National Pie Day’ (yes, these are both 100% real.) However, unlike the latter two, World Toilet Day actually has a really important message to spread… World Toilet Day is an international event…

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Alcohol and Stomas Advice – Is it okay to drink alcohol with a stoma?

If you’re new to having a stoma, or maybe waiting for surgery, you might well wonder whether it’s okay to drink alcohol still. It’s a very valid question and the good news is that unless told otherwise by your healthcare professional you can still enjoy an occasional drink, although you may have to modify the…

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Colostomy Day 2017 – Why we need to celebrate the #SuperStoma

Colostomy UK (formerly known as the Colostomy Association) is hosting Colostomy Day 2017 on Saturday 7th October and encouraging people to celebrate their #SuperStoma. In a campaign that we at GoldCare are more than happy to support, Colostomy UK is inviting people to share their stoma story and help to get rid of the stigma…

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Travel Advice for Ostomists

We’re firm believers that a stoma should not affect the way you live your life, and for many that means the ability to travel again after the operation. There’s no reason that your stoma should hold you back, once you’re fully recovered, of course. However, it is worth being aware of the facts and risks…

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Categories: Travel By: Diane Sheard

Obtaining Urgent Supplies

Unfortunately, there may be a time where you find yourself urgently in need of supplies without a prescription. However, don’t worry there are still steps you can take. In an emergency you can request supplies from us without a prescription. These will be delivered by the quickest possible method. If your supply need is immediate…

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Categories: Care Advice By: Diane Sheard

Obtaining Prescription Supplies for Stoma Care

Upon being discharged from hospital after your operation you will, or at least should have, been supplied with the products and accessories that you require. However, it can sometimes be unclear as to how to continue obtaining your prescription afterwards. Where can I obtain my prescription? You should have also been given the contact details…

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Categories: Care Advice By: Diane Sheard

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