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Beat the Beast – Staying prepared during snowy conditions

As the beast from the East continues its assault on most of the UK, now seems like a great idea to provide ostomates with advice on preparing for snowy conditions. Adverse weather conditions can affect everything so it’s important to stay prepared to avoid finding yourself in need and, of course, to ensure you stay…

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Sex advice for ostomates – here’s the answer to some questions you may have…

We recently came across a very brave article by a lady called Hannah Witton that outlines her experiences and tips on being intimate with a stoma bag, entitled ‘How sex changes when you have a stoma’. We know it’s something that stoma nurses are asked about regularly from patients of all ages and felt it…

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Advice on getting back into dating after stoma surgery

One thing that many people find after having stoma surgery is a lack of confidence, especially when it comes to dating. There is no tried and tested method for dating with after stoma surgery. However, there are some general tips and encouragements that may help ostomates to get back into dating and advice for how…

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Pancaking tips for ostomates

As it’s pancake day we thought we would take the opportunity to discuss the lesser discussed ‘pancaking’ that those with a stoma often experience. So if you came here expecting tips on how to create deliciously light and fluffy pancakes, we’re sorry but you’ve come to the wrong place.   It’s not a pleasant topic…

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4 types of exercise that are great for ostomates

If, like many others, you have entered the new year with thoughts of getting into better shape and the intention to hit the gym you might find the information in this post useful. We firmly believe that exercise with an ostomy can be really beneficial, however, it’s also important that you’re careful. We would also…

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4 famous and historical figures who were ostomates

Many would be surprised to find out that the stoma dates as far back as 1710, named as such by Dr A. de Littre who developed what we now know as a Colostomy. Ileostomies, however, are a much newer medical breakthrough, first reported in 1940. Of course, the technologies and sciences behind the procedure have…

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