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18th December 2018

Cold weather considerations for ostomates

We’ve discussed the implications of having a stoma in hot weather before, but what about the cold? As we move into Winter, most ostomates will be glad to hear that colder weather is more ideal for ostomates and presents fewer problems. Ostomy appliances and supplies will typically perform better in colder climates, although ours are…

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17th December 2018

Remember to order before 20th December for Christmas supplies

Receiving your orders in time for Christmas can be essential for some of our customers, which is why we would like to remind everyone that the cut off date for orders this year is the 20th December. We make every effort to fulfil all orders in a time efficient manner, however, after this date, we…

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30th November 2018

Let’s educate about invisible illnesses

The first week of December will mark an awareness week that we at Oakmed are particularly keen to highlight. Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness week runs from the 1st - 7th December, a particularly important cause due to the invisible nature of each disease. There’s a stigma in society attached to those who suffer from invisible…

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15th November 2018

World Toilet Day 2018 – Goodbye toilet tax, hello improved disabled facilities?

World Toilet Day might seem like one of the more out there days of the year, but it actually spreads a very important message about sanitation and the condition of public facilities worldwide. In the UK alone, a massive 40% of public toilets have been closed over the last decade. Many more have fallen into…

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8th November 2018

World Kindness Day 2018 – Here’s how to get involved…

World Kindness Day is coming up on Tuesday 13th November, and I think we can all agree that the world could do with more kindness! Working in the healthcare industry, you see and hear about extraordinary acts of kindness each day from nurses, loved ones and sometimes complete strangers. However, on occasion, we also hear…

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30th October 2018

Halloween and sugar – should ostomates be afraid?

As all ostomates will know, diet can be the most difficult thing about having a stoma. It’s important to know how certain foods and drinks affect your body and your stoma. Of course, Halloween is one such time of year when sugar seems to become one of the main food groups. For parents who have…

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